Microsoft word

Microsoft word is a computer program that is centralized on typing both complex and simple documents, and it's user friendly. It's a word processor that runs both online and offline, it's also part of Microsoft office made by Microsoft in 1983. It works on most operating systems but is widely used by windows users. It's sometimes called MS word. MS Word has a built-in dictionary for spell checking; misspelled words are marked with a red squiggly underline. It was created by Charles simonyi who was hired by Microsoft to produce a word-processing application.

Microsoft word can be used to type letters, reports, presentation etc and projects. In Microsoft word documents can be paused and resumed when you please, this improves flexibility. An average page in Ms word has 29 lines.

With time it has been updated continually and now costumer can access it's subscription packages instead of buying through download with license keys or disks. New computer don't come with Microsoft word, the are installed.

Why Microsoft word instead of other text editors

Microsoft word has some special features that has made it stand out over the years and has gained popularity. Microsoft word has several updates and keep getting better, the advanced features include mail merges, spellchecker, styles, tables, headers & footers, WordArt, columns, margins, and more.

How to start Microsoft word

If you are interested in using Microsoft word, you will have to firstly, install the program into the computer, that's if it's not already installed in the computer. If you do no have the financial backup to pay for Microsoft word you can get a free version of it at Microsoft word website.

If Microsoft word is already in your computer, you can find it in the start meau and the following methods should be used.

  • Press the Windows key.

  • Type Word and select the Microsoft Word entry in the search results.

  • If Microsoft Word does not open after selecting it in the search results, press Enter to launch it.

Tips for beginners in Ms word

Master your control keys for a better experience.

Always use "ctl s" to save your work, especially when you are not using an uninterrupted power supply, because if the power is interrupted; you will loss your current work.

Make sure your page is set correctly, using layout as this can affect the document when printing.

Pick your font and text-size carefully; because the font and text-size creates the beauty and tells how many pages will be in one document.

Make sure you learn how to print, that's another tricky part, once you get use to it it's very easy.

IN CONCLUSION Microsoft word is a very useful word processor, that has become very popular because of it wonderful tools and ability to create an kind of document easy and fast. It has also become a source of income for alot of individuals who has gained mastery of the package.